With a keen interest in painting and a shared passion for excellence, Jill French and Alison Heather have been working together since 1992. In 2000 Heather & French was formed and our company has enjoyed steady growth which we attribute to our commitment to quality, attention to detail and dedication to our customers.

This approach has attracted residential and commercial clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as experienced and reliable employees who work efficiently as a team.


Alison Heather 
Owner, Estimator

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Alison Heather arrived in New York in 1984 with a strong desire to get to work. Before long, Alison had found her way out to the West Coast and onto a painting crew.

"That crew is where I learned I had the foundation of the craft. How to run a job. The importance of paying attention to the details and the big picture at the same time. And most importantly, how to establish and maintain client relationships."

It was on that same crew that Alison first met Jill French. The two bonded through their work ethic and love of the trade. "We were (and still are) very different people, but we find common ground in our core values: respect, responsibility and communication. Today, those values are the cornerstones of our business,” says Alison.

Dedicated to providing clients outstanding customer service while delivering exceptional results, Alison is known for her calm demeanor and ability to keep things running smoothly even while resolving problems.

Outside of work she is passionate about meditating, Ocean Beach and local art and design.

Jill French

Jill French 
Owner, Production Manager

High-energy, high standards and the ability to motivate others are what make Jill such a talented production manager. With 26 years in the trade, she is strategic and efficient and has an amazing capacity with details. She is always interested in new products and application techniques. Since the industry is constantly changing, Jill's ability to keep current with technical information is invaluable to Heather & French. 

"I love the opportunity of dealing with all the different people and components that go into making a project successful."

Kay Duncan

Office Manager

Kay Duncan has decades of experience in office administration and management.

Before moving West and joining Heather and French in 2009. Kay was a founding Board member of a HIV-AIDS resource agency in East Texas.

Her no-nonsense attitude and attention to detail makes her a formidable presence at H&F. She is the glue that keeps the front office and production together.

In addition to being exceptionally organized and capable, Kay has a great sense of humor. She is a tenacious problem solver and a highly effective manager. We couldn’t do it without her

In her spare time Kay likes to volunteer and hike with her dog Millie.

Stephanie Gonzalez

Office Administration

Stephanie is a native San Franciscan and started her career at 15 years old working in her family business. She has vast experience in office administration and customer service. She is bilingual speaking English and Spanish.

Among other things she is the liaison between the crew and the office for all of H&F human resource needs.  She is dedicated to raising her 14 year old daughter, she likes hiking, the thriving restaurant scene in San Francisco, and exploring the city with her daughter.

Greg Stine


Greg began his career in the construction industry a decade ago.  He has a wide range of experience in the industry, ranging from estimating, project and office management to tile setting and framing.

Greg's people skills and math ability make him a natural fit for estimating and client relations.  Being very detailed oriented and focused, gives him the ability to produce well thought out and thorough bids.

From day one Greg has been a team player and great asset to H&F. Today, he is a core member of our team. 

In Greg’s spare time he likes to listen to and collect vinyl records, hang out with his wife and kids- his dog Bella and cat Gene.

Kevin Jesse

Field Supervisor

Field Supervisor Kevin Jesse is a foundational member of the H&F team.

He began painting when he was 17 years old, and demonstrated his ability as a gifted manager and motivator very early on in his career.  Three years after he began working as a painter he was already running large scale commercial jobs and managing 60 painters on a variety of projects.

Now, as then, Kevin’s easy-going manner combined with his strongly grounded vision give him the ability to manage complex relationships and challenging schedules with ease.

Kevin believes in teambuilding and helping painters strengthen their skill sets. He is very motivated to figure out the details and ‘how-to’s so that everything is done right and efficiently.

Kevin attributes his drive to “the satisfaction from seeing a well-completed job. The straight lines. The different sheens adding architectural details. There is always a great sense of accomplishment working with different teams and learning new skills and products,” he says.

When he is not working he is playing guitar, watching movies and tinkering on his own projects. He likes working on everything from electronics to leaky sinks.

Francisco Pastor


Foreman Francisco is a true craftsman, he has a love and a natural aptitude for fine finish and high quality work. He began painting at the age of 18 and has been serious about the craft ever since. He is proficient in all aspects of painting, staining and color matching.

His collaborative spirit, bi-lingual skills and ability to teach and train the crew make him an invaluable member of the team.

 “What I love most is being part of a team that can turn anything into a masterpiece. Seeing the look of appreciation on the homeowner's face when we complete a project --that’s priceless.”

When he is not working Francisco enjoys spending time with his friends, family, and his beautiful little girl.

Erick Romero


Foreman Erick has been working on high end paint projects for the past ten years, he has demonstrated his skills as an outstanding leader on every job since he joined Heather & French.

His painting skills are exceptional, some of the highest we have seen in the industry. He is a self-described “perfectionist”

His capacity to teach and mentor others along with his professional and respectful attitude towards everyone on the job site makes him a natural leader for the H&F team.

Production Manager Jill French notes, “Crews really love working with Erick because they know that his success can be their success, too.  He’s always upbeat and positive. Really, he’s a great role model for all of us!”

Mike Richardson


Painting was Foreman Mike's first love, and after 30 years in the business, that love is still going strong.

Mike came up through the ranks working for a commercial paint contractor in Oakland; then apprenticed until he started his own small painting business. Joining the Heather & French team has given him the best of both worlds.

Tenacious with a positive attitude, Mike inspires others through his example.  His clarity, strength and communication skills make him a natural leader.

“Painting is transformative in so many ways,” he says, “and having the knowledge and skills to make something beautiful is tremendously satisfying.”

He gets the same kind of reward out of supporting his crew: “Challenging my guys to learn more and do more – seeing them increase their value to the company workforce – is a source of great pride for me.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Mike's drive to help others transform their lives extends to his community where he works with at-risk youth and the homeless community.

Patrick Kilfeather


Patrick has been painting in San Francisco and taking pride in his work for 23 years.  He learned his craft working with two reputable local paint contractors.  He joined the H&F team in 2009 and has been working hard ever since.  

Patrick is highly skilled and efficient in prep work and restoration of San Francisco Victorians.  He runs his crew by example and doesn’t shy away from the hard work his projects require.  He goes the extra mile every day and motivates his crews to do the same.  Patrick is extremely reliable and trustworthy.

When he is not working he is surfing at Ocean Beach and doing Jiu Jitsu. Patrick appreciates that his office is the outdoors and the beautiful scenery that changes every day.

Arturo Garcia


Arturo started his training as a painter 18 years ago.  He is proficient in all aspects of interior and exterior painting. Arturo is extremely hard working and reliable.  He take a lot of pride in developing his crew and motivating others.

Arturo is able to create a very positive work environment, crews love working with him because of his can-do attitude and the pride he takes in a job well done.  When he is not working he loves spending time with his family and his young son.